Dr. Dinesh Babu J

Postdoc Research Students

Dr. Prasanna Kumar, Phd from IIT Bombay. 

PhD Research Students

Sowmya R (2014) [Thesis submitted]

Chinchu Thomas (2015)

Annapurna Sharma (2015)

Manjunath (2014) [Primary Adviser – Prof. Ram; Part-time – Works at ISRO, Bangalore][Thesis submitted]

Gopika Gopan K (2014) [Primary Adviser – Prof. Neelam Sinha]

MS Research Students

Pooja R (2015) [Thesis submitted]

Kumar Shubham (2018)

Shyam Krishna (2019)

Rahul Das (2015) [Part-time – Works at CTS, Bangalore]

Deepak Pandian (2016) [Part-time – Works at SAP Labs, India]

Graduated MS Research Students

Pooja V (2014) [Works at NVIDIA]

Research Associates

Sowmya R, Pooja R

Manish A, Tejan M


Midhilesh (PSG Tech)

Amogh, Aayush, Prateksha, Kaushal, Deep

iMTech Affiliates

Abhiramon, Utkarsh, Pranav, Rohil, Himank, Shivang, Rohil (iMTech 2015)

Deepika, Sowmya, Karthikeya, Dharmik (iMTech 2015)

Aditya G, Soumith, Sriram, Nishanth, Shivam Kumar (iMTech 2016)

MTech Affiliates

Adarsh, Anjali, Roopak, Vasu (MTech 2018)


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