Dr. Dinesh Babu J

PhD Research Students

Sowmya R (2014)

Chinchu Thomas (2015)

Annapurna Sharma (2015)

Manjunath (2014) [Part-time – Works at ISRO, Bangalore]

Gopika Gopan K (2014) [Primary Adviser – Prof. Neelam Sinha]

Sujoy (2017) [Part-time – Works at IBM, Primary Adviser – Prof. G Srinivasaraghavan]

MS Research Students

Pooja R (2015) [interning at HP India]

Pooja V (2014) [Submitted Thesis, Part-time – Works at ByDesign]

Rahul Das (2015) [Part-time – Works at CTS, Bangalore]

Deepak Pandian (2016) [Part-time – Works at SAP Labs, India]

Research Assistants

Nitin Nair


Krishna, Abhiramon, Utkarsh (iMTech 2015)

iMTech Affiliates

Thesis: Trisha M; Meghana M; Karthick R

Project: Shivam; Ujjwal; Samyak; Soma; Swetha

RE: Sneha, Anup D, Anshul Alok, Aditya P

MTech Affiliates

Samsung PE/RE: Harsh, Chandan, Suhas, Ashish, Mohamad, Sukhdeep

PE: Bharti; Chetna; Priyank;

RE: Amit, Tanya, Shivani, Anjana, Jyotsna, Ashish; Deepika, Khanjan;

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