Relating lab members

[6] Pooja Rao presents her poster at ICMI, Glasgow.

[5] Manjunath (ISRO) presents his paper in SPICES 2017, Kochi.

[4] Mahesh Prabhu (Samsung) presents his paper in IWPR 2017, Singapore.

[3] Sowmya R, Daksh V, Pawan D, Meghana M attended Indicon 2016 at IISc and presented their papers:

P. Dhananjay, D. Varshneya and D. Jayagopi. Restaurant Attribute classification  using Deep Learning published in the Proceedings of INDICON 2016.

S. Rasipuram, P. Rao, and D. Jayagopi. Automatic Prediction of Fluency in Interface-based Interviews published in the Proceedings of INDICON 2016.

M. Madhyastha and D. Jayagopi. A Low Cost Personalised Robot Language Tutor with Perceptual and Interaction Capabilities published in the Proceedings of INDICON 2016 (presented as a poster).

[2] Sowmya R attended International Conference  on Multimodal Interaction(ICMI), thanks to a SIGCHI grant, and presented her paper:

Asynchronous Video Interviews vs Face-to-Face Interviews For Communication Skill Measurement: A Systematic Study

[1] Pooja V, Trisha M, Laasya B attended SAI Intelligent Systems Conference in London and presented their work

  • P. Venkatesh, D. Jayagopi. Automatic Bharatnatyam Dance Posture Recognition and Expertise Prediction using Depth Cameras, accepted for presentation at the SAI Intelligent Systems Conference 2016, London, UK. (IntelliSys 2016).
  • T. Mittal, L. Bangalore, D. Jayagopi. A Logo-Based Approach for Recognising Multiple Products on a Shelf, accepted for presentation at the SAI Intelligent Systems Conference 2016, London, UK. (IntelliSys 2016).

Relating Faculty – Dr. Dinesh Babu J

[5] Attended and presented the publication on ‘A Robust Lane Detection and Departure Warning System’ at the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, Seoul Korea, held between 28 June – July 1. 

[4] Invited talk on’Human-Human Interaction Analysis: Trends and Challenges’ at a workshop on ‘Human Centered Computing: Tools and Applications’. The event was organized by the department  of NIT Suratkal between 25-27 June.

[3] Invited talk on Human Robot Interaction at CAIR, Workshop on Autonomous Systems: Issues, Concerns and Approaches; Feb 9, 2015

[2] Invited talk at the DRDO workshop on Technologies for Autonomous Soldier-Assist System (TASAS) organized at the Jadavpur University,
Kolkata, India between Aug 7-9 2014. The talk was titled “Behavior Tracking and Perception using applications in Operator Assist and Team Training”.

[1] Attended and presented a paper on “Analyzing gaming-simulations using video based techniques” at the Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality (TEEM) Conference 2014, Salamanca, Spain.

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