Relating lab members

[17] Anirban to visit University of Oulu, Finland for 6 months, starting May 2023.

[16] Pooja joins UNIL, working with Mauro and wins Best Paper at CHI 2023.

[15] Kumar Shubham visits Prof. Marianne Schmidt Mast, UNIversity of Lausanne(UNIL), Switzerland for 3 months.

[14] Sowmya R attends PETRA conference, Greece

[13] Annapurna attends ICVGIP, Hyderabad and presents her work

[12] Chinchu T attends International Workshop on Sensor-based Activity Recognition and Interaction (iWOAR) 2018 to present her work co authored with Nitin Nair

[11] Chinchu T starts her 3 month internship at Idiap Research Institute, EPFL

[10] Manjunath presents his paper at Interspeech 2018, held in Hyderabad

[9] Annapurna attends ICFHR in the US and presents her work

A. Sharma and D. Jayagopi. Automated Grading of Handwritten Essays , accepted in  16th International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition (ICFHR-2018), to be held August 5-8, 2018 in Niagara Falls, USA.

[8] Utkarsh Agrawal attends MedPRAI, Morocco and presents his work with Susarla Praneeth (Best student paper award!!)

S. Praneeth, U. Agrawal and D. Jayagopi. Human Weapon-Activity Recognition in Surveillance Videos Using Structural-RNN, accepted in the 2nd Mediterranean Conference on Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (MedPRAI’2018), to be held in Rabat, Morocco, on March 27-28, 2018. Best student paper award!!

[7] Pavan Sudheendra (Samsung) attends IPTA in Montreal and presents his work

P. Sudheendra and D. Jayagopi. Genre Linked Automated Assessment and feedback of Photographs based on Visual Aesthetics, published in the International Conference on Image Processing Tools and Applications (IPTA), Montreal, Nov 2017.

[6] Pooja Rao presents her poster at ICMI, Glasgow.

[5] Manjunath (ISRO) presents his paper in SPICES 2017, Kochi.

[4] Mahesh Prabhu (Samsung) presents his paper in IWPR 2017, Singapore.

[3] Sowmya R, Daksh V, Pawan D, Meghana M attended Indicon 2016 at IISc and presented their papers:

P. Dhananjay, D. Varshneya and D. Jayagopi. Restaurant Attribute classification  using Deep Learning published in the Proceedings of INDICON 2016.

S. Rasipuram, P. Rao, and D. Jayagopi. Automatic Prediction of Fluency in Interface-based Interviews published in the Proceedings of INDICON 2016.

M. Madhyastha and D. Jayagopi. A Low Cost Personalised Robot Language Tutor with Perceptual and Interaction Capabilities published in the Proceedings of INDICON 2016 (presented as a poster).

[2] Sowmya R attended International Conference  on Multimodal Interaction(ICMI), thanks to a SIGCHI grant, and presented her paper:

Asynchronous Video Interviews vs Face-to-Face Interviews For Communication Skill Measurement: A Systematic Study

[1] Pooja V, Trisha M, Laasya B attended SAI Intelligent Systems Conference in London and presented their work

  • P. Venkatesh, D. Jayagopi. Automatic Bharatnatyam Dance Posture Recognition and Expertise Prediction using Depth Cameras, accepted for presentation at the SAI Intelligent Systems Conference 2016, London, UK. (IntelliSys 2016).
  • T. Mittal, L. Bangalore, D. Jayagopi. A Logo-Based Approach for Recognising Multiple Products on a Shelf, accepted for presentation at the SAI Intelligent Systems Conference 2016, London, UK. (IntelliSys 2016).

Relating Faculty – Dr. Dinesh Babu J

[20] Visiting Professor at University of Oulu, Finland, summer 2023.

[19] Attended ICVGIP Gandhinagar, ACML Hyderabad

[18] Visiting Professor at University of Lausanne, Switzerland, summer 2019.

[17] Visited LIMSI, CPU group, Paris.

[16] Invited Talk at Idiap Research Institute, Switzerland.

[15] Invited Speaker at RIKEN-IITH Workshop on Machine Learning and Applications, IIT Hyderabad, March 2019.

[14] Invited Speaker at CCEM Pre-conference, March 2019, Bangalore.

[13] Attended ICVGIP, Hyderabad, presents joint work with Samsung on Rash Driving.

[12] Invited Talk: ICIIT 2018 Conference, on Human Centered Vision and Applications – 12 Dec 2018.

[11] Guest lecture: KL University on Machine Learning for Speech – 3,4 Dec 2018.

[10] Invited Talk: Intel Bangalore, on Applied Traffic and Driving visual analytics 22 Nov 2018.

[9] Guest lecture: CAIR, DRDO on Human Centered Vision and Applications 14 Nov 2018.

[8] Session Chair for Multimodal Systems, Interspeech 2018.

[7] Visited IIT Ropar and gave a talk on Sequence Learning using Neural Network Architectures (15 March 2018)

[6] Attended ICMI 2017 at Glasgow

[5] Attended and presented the publication on ‘A Robust Lane Detection and Departure Warning System’ at the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, Seoul Korea, held between 28 June – July 1. 

[4] Invited talk on’Human-Human Interaction Analysis: Trends and Challenges’ at a workshop on ‘Human Centered Computing: Tools and Applications’. The event was organized by the department  of NIT Suratkal between 25-27 June.

[3] Invited talk on Human Robot Interaction at CAIR, Workshop on Autonomous Systems: Issues, Concerns and Approaches; Feb 9, 2015

[2] Invited talk at the DRDO workshop on Technologies for Autonomous Soldier-Assist System (TASAS) organized at the Jadavpur University,
Kolkata, India between Aug 7-9 2014. The talk was titled “Behavior Tracking and Perception using applications in Operator Assist and Team Training”.

[1] Attended and presented a paper on “Analyzing gaming-simulations using video based techniques” at the Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality (TEEM) Conference 2014, Salamanca, Spain.

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