Multimedia content analysis and synthesis is at the core of our research, with a particular focus on visual and text modality. These are some of the current ongoing projects and thesis directions.

Multimodal Skill Assessment

  1. Communication and Presentation skill assessment using multimodal analysis (Sowmya Rasipuram, completed and Chinchu Thomas PhD thesis, completed)
  2. Handwritten Essay grading (Annapurna PhD thesis, completed)
  3. AI for Social Psychology (Kumar Shubham MS thesis, Rahil iMTech Thesis completed)
  4. Dancing skill assessment (Pooja Venkatesh MS thesis, completed)
  5. Autism Behavior Assessment (MINRO Funding, Jeba Berlin, Sarthak iMTech Thesis) [CURRENT]

Multimodal Conversational Systems: 

  1. Follow up question generating interviewing Agent (Pooja Rao MS, PhD Thesis)
  2. Margadarshi (UPSC interviewing agent, internally funded project, Laxmi Narayen RA) [CURRENT]
  3. Interviewing agents (Jinal MS Thesis) [CURRENT]

GANs and Multimedia Synthesis: 

  1. Controlled behavioral video generation (Kumar Shubham MS Thesis, Swasti iMTech Thesis, Anirban MS Thesis) [CURRENT]
  2. ISL Gesture Synthesis [Shyam MS Thesis, completed]


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